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Multipurpose industrial halls

Do you need a quick solution for your storage place? Or fast and effective roofing of a sports area?

The assembled textile halls are the easiest solution.

They can be built for temporary or permanent purposes. They are light objects, with metal constructions and textile cover. With minimum requirements for anchoring and high variability they are used in higher altitudes as well. Their advantages are easy manipulation, fast assembly method and convenient price.

What does a textile hall consist of?

  • steel pipes joined into supporting cross-bars and formed into different modules
  • waterproof cover made from polyester fabrics with PVC layer (matt or shiny)
  • iron-plate entry doors can be placed in the front or back parts

The textile halls can be combined together in their length. We can adjust the measures of textile halls based on your requirements.

Technical parameters

Weight of fabric

500 - 750 g/m2


6,8 m a 9 m


from 6 m up to 20 m

The price will be set up individually based on your specifications. Send us your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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