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Industrial Fabrics

Industrial Fabrics

The production is made using 270 cm SOMET needle looms and on 160 cm UTAS shuttle looms with shaft machinery that can produce cavity fabrics. The most common bond technique is canvas, panama or serge. Edges of fabrics could be rigid or knotted or sealed VF. Density of fabrics is in the range of 250-800 gr/m2.

Industrial fabrics are made from cotton wool, flax and other materials intended especially for:

  • Fabrics for upholstery and furnishing especially for interior
  • Flame resistant fabrics for producing of welders´ screens
  • Fabrics for producing of bags and packages
  • Canvas for producing of marquees, sun blinds and covers
  • Fabrics for producing of gauntlets
  • Fabrics for painter's canvas
  • Fabrics for bakers´ canvas

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